Alices first time with an old man having sex at old peoples home

18-year-old Alice had always been drawn to older men. She had a thing for their wisdom, experience, and confidence. But what she really craved was their touch. She had discovered her love for older men when she stumbled upon a website called It was a porn site that featured videos of young women having sex with older men and these were very old. She would spend hours every day watching these videos, imagining herself in the place of the young woman.

One day, as she was pleasuring herself while watching one of these videos, she had an idea. She wanted to experience this for herself. She wanted to feel the touch of an older man on her skin, the weight of his body on top of hers, and the passion and intensity that only an age gap could bring.

The next day, Alice dressed in a very short skirt and a revealing blouse, and she headed to the local old people’s home. She knew that this was where she would find what she was looking for. As she walked through the halls of the home, she could feel the eyes of the old residents on her. She could sense their desire and she loved it.

As she passed by one room, she noticed an old man sitting by the window, his eyes fixated on her. She could tell that he was interested in her, and she couldn’t resist the urge to go and talk to him. She walked over to him and introduced herself.

‘What’s your name?’ she asked with a flirtatious smile.

The old man’s eyes lit up as he replied, ‘My name is Henry, and I am 85 years old. I’ve been living here at the old people’s home for a few years now.’

Alice was excited. Henry was exactly what she was looking for. She could see the age gap between them, and it only made her desire for him grow stronger. She asked him if she could come and visit him sometime, and he eagerly agreed.

The next day, Alice went to visit Henry in his room. She could feel the electricity between them as soon as she walked in. They sat on his bed and talked for a while, getting to know each other. Alice was fascinated by Henry’s stories and his experiences. She could tell that he had lived a full and exciting life.

As they talked, Alice couldn’t help but notice the way Henry was looking at her. His eyes were filled with desire, and she could feel her body responding to it. She leaned in closer to him, and he didn’t hesitate to kiss her. Their lips met in a passionate and intense kiss, and Alice felt a shiver run down her spine.

Henry’s hands started to roam over Alice’s body, and she moaned in pleasure. She had never felt this kind of passion before, and it was all because of the age gap between them. He was an older man, and she was a young woman, and it was the perfect combination.

He took off my blouse and laid me down as he took off my skirt followed by my knickers. His lips moved down to her breasts, he took one in his mouth and sucked on it gently while his hand fondled the other. Alice’s back arched in response, her hands running through Henry’s silver hair as she let out soft moans. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her thigh, and it only made her desire for him grow stronger.

He leaned down and took a long lick, causing Alice to gasp in pleasure. She could feel his hot breath against her pussy, and it drove her wild.

He continued to lick and suck on her, his experienced tongue hitting all the right spots. Alice’s hands were gripping the sheets as she moaned and writhed under his touch. She could feel her orgasm building, and she knew she was close.

As if sensing it, Henry pulled back and positioned himself between her legs. He slowly pushed his hard old cock inside her, and Alice let out a loud moan. He filled her, and she could feel every inch of him inside her.

As Henry thrust into her, Alice felt a wave of pleasure wash over her. She had never experienced anything like this before, and it was all because of the age gap between them. His old, hard cock felt amazing inside her, filling her up and hitting all the right spots. She could feel the weight of his body on top of hers, and it only added to the intensity of the moment.

Henry’s movements were slow and deliberate, taking his time to savour every moment. He knew exactly how to please a woman, and Alice was in heaven. She moaned and writhed under him, her hands gripping the sheets as she surrendered herself to his touch.

He leaned down and whispered in her ear, his hot breath sending shivers down her spine. ‘You like that, don’t you, my little Alice?’ he asked, his voice filled with desire.

Alice could only nod in response, unable to form words as the pleasure consumed her. Henry’s hands roamed over her body, his fingers tracing every curve and dip. He knew exactly how to touch her, and Alice could feel her arousal building with each passing moment.

He moved faster now, his thrusts becoming more urgent. Alice could feel her orgasm approaching, and she knew it was going to be intense. She wrapped her legs around Henry’s waist, pulling him closer to her as she moaned in pleasure.

As they reached their climax together, Alice felt as if she was on fire. The sensations were overwhelming, and she could feel her body shaking with pleasure. Henry collapsed on top of her, both of them trying to catch their breath.

As they lay there, Alice couldn’t believe what had just happened. She had fulfilled her fantasy of being with an older man, and it had exceeded all her expectations. She knew that this was just the beginning of their passionate encounters, and she couldn’t wait to explore more with Henry.

From that day on, Alice and Henry became inseparable. They would meet in secret, exploring each other’s bodies and indulging in their desires. And Alice knew that she would always have a special place in her heart for older men, thanks to Henry and their steamy encounters.